The Cere Staking Dashboard is a tool that allows you to participate in staking as a nominator directly or indirectly as a member of a nominating pool. With a funded account, you can connect to the dashboard to begin interacting with Cere’s native staking. All transactions submitted will need your signature. Otherwise, passwords and additional credentials aren’t needed.


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<aside> 🐡 The dashboard is not a wallet. To transfer funds between accounts, use Cere Explorer with Polkadot(.js).


Overview Page

This Overview Page of the dashboard has multiple panels:

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In this category, you can access all functionalities allowing you to stake your tokens as a nominator, member of a nomination pool, or both. The payout section will enable you to inspect the most recently received rewards.


It shows validators and/or nomination pools that paid out rewards to your accounts in the past few months.

A timeline of your rewards payout history is also shown.

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The Stats Panel displays active validator totals, all the validators in both active and inactive sets, and some stats about validators.


You can select Cere Mainnet or Cere Testnet, depending on your aim.


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