Contributor Missions offer a unique, incentivized approach to onboarding to Cere Network and begin contributing meaningfully from day 1. ℹ️ Learn more.


Onboarding Missions serve as an educational gateway for users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's decentralized data solutions and blockchain network. Cere Missions offer a structured, and incentivized learning experience that includes reading documentation, watching educational videos, completing quizzes, and executing tasks that both teach you how onboard as a Cere Contributor. In return, users earn Cere tokens or other incentives, providing them with both knowledge and practical rewards. We believe firmly that this approach not only educates but also engages the community, fostering a more informed and active user base.

Getting Started

To start your first Onboarding Mission is easy:

  1. Sign-up as a Contributor.
  2. Check the Active Missions, choose one and get started!
  3. Complete the instructed per mission to get your reward!

All Active Missions

Excited to join the decentralized data revolution? Complete these missions to kickstart your journey as a Cere Contributor:

<aside> 1️⃣ Set-up new Cere Accounts & earn CERE Token. Start Mission 1.


<aside> 2️⃣ Integrate and deploy the new CerePlay decentralized Tournaments into an open source JS-based games. Start Mission 2.


<aside> 3️⃣ More Cere Missions to help you onboard to the Cere ecosystem coming soon!

</aside> Cere Accounts Onboarding for 500 CERE. CerePlay Game launch for 1,000 CERE.
Mission 3 Coming soon…

💜 We look forward to what could stem from our collaboration on this initiative!

🛟 Interested, but have questions? Ask in our Contributor Discord or write us at [email protected].

Cere Accounts Onboarding [Mission 1]

CerePlay Integration Onboarding [Mission 2]