⭐ About CerePlay

CerePlay is launched as a showcase for game developers to demonstrate how Cere can unlock the power of Web3 rewards, user activation, and secondary marketplaces for their players. Encompassing Cere features such as a decentralized leaderboard where user achievements and rewards are decoupled from core game development and operations. With this first release, Cere is opening up a vast amount of new user engagement opportunities, with much more to come!

CerePlay is a transformative tool, forging new paths for game monetization. Game developers seamlessly integrate with social media, breaking the constraints dictated by traditional platforms like Google Play or the Apple App Store.



All data is controlled by the user account and is fully encrypted. Furthermore, thanks to serverless hosting, you can enjoy the scale & security of the Cere Network at all times. If a restaurant chain wants to reward your top 100 players with a free meal if they check-in on their geo-location app, they can — effortlessly & permissionless.

🛠️ CerePlay Tech Stack



Add digital content filled with images, videos, and games with the click of a button.

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Game SDK


Integrate the power of Cere Network into your game! ℹ️ Learn More

Cere Wallet


****Securely manage your personal data, digital collectibles, and more. ℹ️ Learn More

💫 Get started with CerePlay

Step 1: integrate SDK


Integrate our SDK in your game code using our Game SDK integration guide

Step 2: upload game


Now the game is compatible with Cere you can upload it to the Data Cloud.

Step 3: open your game to the world


Set up your first tournament, open up your ecosystem, and enhance your player experience.

📺 CerePlay Use Cases

Metaverse DashRun

Screen Recording (8-7-2023 12-54-16 PM).mp4

With just a few lines of code, this simple platform speedrunner is transformed into an exciting competitive leaderboard game with weekly prizes

🚀 Try it yourself

With this first release of CerePlay, you can run tournaments with decentralized leaderboards. The power of decentralization in games lies in the fact that it safely opens up your game’s ecosystem. No need to create an API, no need to worry about scaling your infrastructure, and no sleep lost over privacy & security risks.

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