To upload a new game you need to first prepare the game’s archive and then upload it.

How to prepare the game’s archive

First, you need to integrate Cere Games SDK into the game’s logic

Game SDK integration

Prepare the archive

  1. Build the game in case you use a bundler like Webpack
  2. Archive the produced static assets
    1. The archive should be a ZIP file. Example:

      Game archive example

      Game archive example

    2. The archive should include a folder with all the game’s assets:

      └── [game_name]/
          ├── ...(game assets)
          └── index.html

      <aside> 💡 Make sure that you removed OS specific system files from the archive, eg. .DS_Store in case of macOS.


How to upload the archive

When you have the game’s archive ready, the next step is to upload it.

  1. Open Freeport Creation Suite

  2. Connect your wallet (eg. MetaMask)

  3. Enter Game admin panel


  4. Click Add game


  5. Fill the game information and drag the game’s archive to the Upload zip file area


  6. On the next step you will be asked to sign a message with your wallet and then the game will start uploading

  7. After successful upload, you can go back to you game list to see the newly added game there


The game is successfully uploaded to DDC! You can now copy the link to your game and share it.