Looking for more information about how to get started integrating the Cere Games SDK into your game? Want to give yourself an interesting afternoon project, breathing fresh air into your favorite classic open source games with new web3 features. Read on to learn by example in our first of many open source demo integrations of Cere Games SDK to come.

How to Upload your game to DDC?

<aside> 💡 This tutorial requires beginner knowledge of Node/JS.


Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 14.40.20.png

To see the main SDK functions in action, we’ve prepared a simple, yet fun little browser-based example game called TowerGame to demonstrate Cere Games SDK key features. You can find our version of the repository for this tutorial on github here ⇒ https://github.com/Cerebellum-Network/0xTowerGame-tutorial.

How to Integrate Cere Games SDK into our 0xTowerGame Demo?

In reality, there are only a few steps required to launch your game on DDC.

  1. Build your own, or find a unique Open Source Web2 game, like the mobile classic Tower Game we use in this tutorial. You can check out the Community Showcase for inspiration.
  2. Integrate Cere Games SDK into your existing game code base, one feature at a time.
  3. Package and upload your game to DDC to serve serverless.
  4. Share and play!

<aside> 💡 This tutorial uses Mac OS. Let us know if anything breaks on Linux or Windows.


Choose a Game and Game ID

Before we get too far into things… we need to choose a game, so we know what we’re working with. And so we know what to name our new project in the CerePlay Game Portal.

For our demonstration, we have chosen a game dear to our hearts, “Tower Game”, a classic tower building game optimized for touchscreen devices, which was also released as an open source project in early 2022. 💜

Other random examples of games you might consider working with could be...

Or one of the great classics yet to be written