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The Cere Blockchain, a Substrate-based Proof of Stake Blockchain, underpins the secure and AI-ready data management of the Cere ecosystem. It holds the essential responsibility of hosting the smart contracts behind the DDC and Cere Freeport.

The Cere blockchain is unique in its capacity of enabling of clean separation of cloud infrastructure & operations from the protocol. This critical separation not only allows specialized data to reside on the edge but ensures unhindered integration and interoperability via the Cere L1 Blockchain and smart contracts.

Delving deeper:

  1. Web3 | Smart Contracts: Smart contracts oversee cluster operations, access, and data sharing. By automating the data flow, Cere leaves the era of intermediaries and human-induced errors behind us, fortifying the Decentralized Data Cloud's security with through transparency and immutability.
  2. Pallets: Substrate's "pallets" enable seamless integration, customization and adaption for the Cere Blockchain. These modules ensure the Protocol’s ability to adapt swiftly and scale without hitches.
  3. Inspectors/Sentinels: Tasked with ensuring data accuracy, Sentinels meticulously validate data. They authenticate access, transfers, and other operations beyond the blockchain's scope. Only verified and inspected data is let-through by the sentinels, who in turn enable auto-payments are triggered based on this authenticated data, be it for fees, rewards, or other criteria-driven bounties.

🛠️ Web3 | Smart Contracts Tech Stack

Cere Network's Smart Contract ecosystem is strategically designed to support several key functionalities:

Freeport Smart Contracts: These contracts form the backbone of NFT operations, handling minting, sales, and auctions. Presently, there are two versions:

Version 1: Currently operational in the Marketplace, it grapples with issues related to Royalties and exhibits architectural limitations, prompting the development of an enhanced iteration.

Version 2: Under review by Halborn and in the process of integration with the Marketplace, this version introduces substantial architectural improvements. Although migration has not yet occurred, it is planned for the near future.

DDC Smart Contract: Vital for storing critical DDC data on-chain, including cluster topology and buckets, this contract has evolved into two versions:

Version 1: Catering to DDC v1, it will no longer receive support due to the evolving nature of the platform.

Version 2: Tailored for DDC v2, this ongoing development includes plans to migrate certain contract components to protocol-level substrate pallets as the platform evolves.

Token Lockup Smart Contract: Further information regarding this pivotal contract's functioning is detailed here. This contract is instrumental in managing token lockup mechanisms within the Cere Network ecosystem, ensuring enhanced security and control.

Collectively, these Smart Contracts demonstrate Cere Network's commitment to innovation and technical advancement, underpinning the platform's seamless operation and ecosystem growth.

Github Repository: ‣

Github Repository: https://github.com/Cerebellum-Network/freeport-contracts/ (opening soon)

Github Repository: https://github.com/Cerebellum-Network/ddc-smart-contract

Github Repository: https://github.com/Cerebellum-Network/ddc-bucket-contract

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