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Contributor Grants can be proposed for any open-source project built on or improving the Cere Network ecosystem, integrating or enhancing use-cases for the DDC. By focusing on Web3 development projects targeting innovation at both the protocol and applications layers, we believe Cere contributor’s have the best opportunity to truly become a catalyst within the rapidly evolving Cere Network ecosystem.

Active Grants

✏️ Have a grant proposal you’d like to share for consideration? https://noteforms.com/forms/cere-grants-application-el0u0b!

Grant Levels

We are accepting applications for the following levels:

[L1] Contributor Grants

We’re looking for developers who can join the team to help us maintain important code repositories needed in the Cere ecosystem. Bug fixes, minor feature backports, long-term repository maintenance, improvements to testing and CI/CD workflows for specific non-core repositories and other valuable community projects are all welcome to apply. The intention is to drive contributions to open-source public good projects that benefit the web3 community as a whole.

An example of such a grant might be to maintain and enhance the Kotlin verson of DDC SDK to support the latest DDC API.

[L2] Builder Grants

We’re building the next generation of web3 storage and want to help you join the revolution!

Areas that Cere is specifically looking for proposals from builders to fund in Wave 1 include, but not necessarily limited to the following:

[L3] Launch Grants

If you're a gaming startup or small team with a product to show, and are looking for support and funding to bring your game or media dApps to public, look no further.

Target Audience: Smaller start-ups, DAOs or unaffiliated team projects with a special emphasis on Web3 Gaming on-chain and early-stage development projects

Funding Amount: 50k+ USD (up to 160k USD)

Some of the exclusive benefits provided to those participating in the Contributor Grants program are listed below: