What is $CERE Token?

$CERE token is the native token of Cere Blockchain Mainnet. It can be used for staking, governance, and transaction fee payments.


$CERE Token was first made available to the general public for staking in March 2022, and has been staked by validators and nominators ever since. It gives community voting rights and is the native token for smart contracts on the Blockchain too.

ERC20 | Ethereum and Polygon

$CERE tokens are on Ethereum and Polygon in addition to the native token on Cere Mainnet:

  1. $CERE Ethereum


  2. $CERE Polygon


CERE Token Utility

To learn more about how Cere token is powering the Cere protocol, read here.

The Planck Unit

The smallest unit for the account balance on Substrate based blockchains (Cere, Polkadot, Kusama, etc.) is Planck (a reference to Planck Length, the smallest possible distance in the physical Universe). You can compare CERE’s Planck to Polkadot’s DOT, BTC's Satoshi or ETH's Wei.


Unit Decimal Places Conversion to Planck Conversion to CERE
Planck 0 1 Planck 0.0000000001 CERE
Microcere (uCERE) 4 10^4 Planck 0.0000010000 CERE
Millicere (mCERE) 7 10^7 Planck 0.0010000000 CERE
Cere (CERE) 10 10^10 Planck 1.0000000000 CERE
Million (MCere) 16 10^16 Planck 1,000,000.00 CERE

Obtaining Testnet Tokens

CERE are required to make transactions on the Cere network. Tokens on Cere’s Testnets do not have any value besides allowing you to experiment with the features on the network.

Cere Testnet Faucet

Faucets support: Faucet is available for all Cere Testnets: https://stats.cere.network/faucet

You can also earn CERE by becoming a validator on a Cere Testnet network.

Cere Mainnet CERE